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Belly Dance Performer and Instructor

Witness the elegant art of Egyptian dance in Philly, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and beyond!

Sally S.

Zahra was the highlight of my event. All the guests were buzzing about her beautiful and energetic performance!

Discover the Magic of Belly Dance with Professional Performances and Instruction by Zahra Noor

As a seasoned performer and instructor, Zahra is passionate about sharing this mesmerizing and empowering dance form with others. With more than a decade of professional expertise, Zahra is an expert in a variety of Egyptian dance styles, from Raqs Sharqi to folkore.


Upcoming Event:

Nahla 2.png

Egyptian Dance Intensive

Zahra Noor Presents:

Nahla Morani of Brazil 

Hire Zahra Noor to Perform at Your Next Event

Zahra regularly performs at private parties, such as weddings, birthdays and large corporate events around the east coast. 

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