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Event Description:


Nada El Masriya and students will go on a journey to explore the dance styles that shaped Raqs Sharqi.


The course will delve into Awalim, Ghawazi, Golden Era and Baladi.  Nada will explain the historical context of each style, and how they inspired oriental dance. Students will learn technique, feeling and characterization as they dance each style.


Only accepting 20 students!



Saturday September 14

10:30am - 1pm & 2pm - 4:30pm

5 hours

Awalim & Ghawazi


Sunday September 15

10:30am - 1pm & 2pm - 4:30pm

5 hours

Golden Era & Baladi

Location: Dancing Lights studio, 17 Wood St, Middletown, DE.


Early Bird Price: $275 until July 26th

After July 26th: $350


Register here: 




About Nada:

In the words of legendary dancer, actress and cultural icon Fifi Abdou; “Nada El Masriya is the Ambassador of Egyptian Dance in Canada.”
A graduate of Cairo University with a degree in Law and a minor in the history of Egyptian Culture & Dance, Nada has spent most of her life training, teaching and performing internationally as a professional dancer.
Her professional dance career began with the prestigious Reda Troupe School, Egypt’s first and most famous folkloric dance company.
They call her the 21st century Samia Gamal, they call her the Baladi princess. Nada El Masriya is the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of the Egyptian Dance Academy based in Toronto.

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