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Meet Zahra Noor

Meet Zahra Noor, an accomplished belly dancer, renowned for her captivating performances in Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and beyond. 

About Zahra

Zahra's journey into the world of belly dance began more than a decade ago. Her dedication and love for Egyptian dance have made her a beloved performer and instructor on the East Coast, particularly in Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.
Zahra is known for her sharp hip technique layered with soft styling, exquisite musicality, charming personality and connection with the audience.

A Passion for Dance

Zahra Noor has been dancing her entire life, with a background in ballet, modern, jazz and tap, which she began at age 2. She did Royal Academy of Dance training in the UK. Zahra also was a competitive figure skater for several years in England and the U.S.

But Zahra soon fell in love with Egyptian dance! She regularly trains with international superstars who live and work in Cairo. Specializing in various styles of Egyptian dance, including Raqs Sharqi and folklore, Zahra's performances are a testament to her versatility and deep understanding of this cultural art form. Her expertise extends beyond performance to teaching, where she shares her knowledge and passion with students of all levels.

Zahra has graced numerous stages and events, enchanting audiences with her dynamic and graceful performances. Her collaborations with other artists and participation in major events across Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey have solidified her reputation as a premier belly dancer.

Zahra has also performed and taught overseas, and has placed at several international competitions judged by famous Egyptian dancers such as Lubna Emam, Khaled Mahmoud, Tito Seif, and Sahar Samara, as well as superstars who perform in Cairo such as Brenda from Argentina and Vanessa from the USA.

Zahra's Vision

Zahra's vision is to spread the joy and cultural richness of belly dance. She is committed to creating memorable experiences for her clients and students, whether they are looking to hire a belly dancer for an event or learn the art form themselves.

Connect with Zahra

Learn more about Zahra's journey, view her gallery of performances, and read testimonials from clients and students. For inquiries about hiring Zahra for events in Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey, or for information on classes, feel free to reach out through the contact page.

Hire Zahra Noor to Perform at Your Next Event

Zahra regularly performs at private parties, such as weddings, birthdays and large corporate events around the east coast. 

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